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TWICE Celebrates 7 Years Since Debut, Let’s Have a look of their Best 7 Songs

The song "More & More" is categorised as a mid-tempo, rhythmic, tropical house music. It has a synth-pop and EDM-heavy instrumental chorus, as well as dance-break music with dubstep influences. The song begins with silky vocals that change to a synth-driven refrain based on typical seasonal noises. The Jeju Island-filmed video features intricate dancing and is based on the Garden of Eden. The ensemble is shown in the opening shot against a background of "bright neon greenery," butterflies, and other creatures in a forest that resembles a tropical paradise. The gang can be seen dancing, grabbing for apples, and getting ready to take bites for the majority of the footage. It portrays the band members dancing on a platform over a lake and has a "bohemian" and summer festival-like feel

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